Working to keep the West special

The Rocky Mountain Climate Organization's Mission

We work to keep the interior West a special place by bringing
about climate action in the region, especially in our home state of Colorado, and by building support for climate action in our
region and across the nation. We:

  • Spread the word about what climate disruption can do to us here and what we can do about it. (See, for example, our reports.)
  • Bring people together to develop solutions, build consensus, and achieve results. (See, for example, our Colorado Climate Project.)
  • Work to reduce emissions of heat-trapping gases.
  • Work to prepare for and adapt to the changes we still may face.
  • Give priority to long-term, lasting solutions.
  • Fill gaps in climate action by doing work that governmental bodies do not have the resources to do. (See, for example, our Colorado Climate Network.)
  • Function as a coalition, with partners from governmental, private, and non-profit sectors.
  • Operate in ways that maintain great credibility.
  • Focus primarily on the eight-state interior West, with an initial emphasis on our home state of Colorado.
  • On a few issues where we have particular expertise or can make a particular contribution, address climate change and promote climate action on a national basis. (See, for example, our work on climate change and national parks and our reports.)

Climate disruption is not an ordinary environmental issue, and the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization is not an ordinary environmental group. First, our diverse coalition of partners includes unusual allies and messengers, not just usual suspects: local governments; Denver Water, Colorado's largest water utility; nonprofit organizations; and businesses. This broad range of perspectives and voices gives us a different kind of credibility that other, more traditional groups may lack.

Second, we are working to protect the West, a special region that we and many people love. Mostly we focus on the specific, local impacts that climate disruption will have in this region and actions that can be taken here. Where we have particular expertise or a particular ability to make a difference, we work to change attitudes and actions across the nation. (See, for example, our work on climate change and national parks.) The climate and heat-trapping pollution know no boundaries, and climate protection actions undertaken anywhere, not just those in the West, benefit us here.

Third, RMCO also is unique because of the experience and savvy of our leaders, who have directed federal, state, and regional governmental agencies and also managed political campaigns in state and congressional races. We know how to reach out across political and other divides and broaden a base of support for actions that are in our common interest. 

The Rocky Mountain Climate Organization is a nonprofit, charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the federal tax code. Contributions are tax-deductible -- and essential to our work. We started years ago with a clear mission and an ability to make a difference, but not with any endowment of funds. We remain small but highly effective, and can only continue doing our work if we get the support of people like you.